Health and Medical Insurance Utah

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Two types of Health/Medical Insurance Policies available for:

  • Individual 

  • Families

  • Group/Business

Health Maintenance Organization


First, the Health Maintenance Organization, or HMO, allows a person to choose a physician or clinic of physicians to be their primary care provider, and all of the medical services are initiated through this office. Referrals are made to specialists or other providers by the primary care provider, and most of these plans will have a co-pay for a doctors office visit. Co-pays may also be available for prescriptions as well. A co-pay is usually a small payment of $15 to $50 dollars and is paid for qualified first-dollar coverage that is rendered without a deductible. The deductible comes into play when you have a larger claim from a sickness or accident, or when surgery is required. Since these are not office visits, you then enter the Major Medical portion of your policy where the deductible you selected has to be paid, and you enter the Co-Insurance part of your policy. After you pay the deductible, the insurance company then pays 70% or 80% of the next $5000, depending on the Co-Insurance selection you have made. After this portion of the policy, the Major Medical pays 100% up to $1,000,000.


High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)

Second is the High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with the option to add a Health Savings Account (HSA). The HDHP is just what its name suggests. You choose how high you wish for your deductible to be, and the plan starts there. Typically the deductibles start at $1500/person, $3000/family and go as high as $5000/person, $10,000/family. There is NO co-pay for doctors’ office visits, they are all in the large deductible you pay. There is NO prescription coverage or emergency room coverage, it is all a part of the deductible you pay. There are NO maternity benefits. But the rates are significantly lower. And the HSA (Health Savings Account) allows you to put money in a tax-qualified account of your choice with pre-tax dollars for you to withdraw to pay any of your medical expenses, including your deductible amounts.


Both of these types of plans are available in individual and family policies or Group policies for businesses. Reach out to us for more information.

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