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Home & Renters Insurance in Utah


Available coverage includes coverage for the Dwelling itself, Personal Property, Liability, Guest Medical, plus you can add expensive valuables onto your Dwelling policy by increasing Coverage Categories or with Scheduled Coverage for things like jewelry, watches, furs, works of art, sculpture and figurines, firearms, sports equipment, bicycles, silverware, collections of all kinds, cameras, musical instruments, even in-home businesses. There are other add-ons available with a dwelling policy such as Identity Theft, Sewer/Drain Back-up, Ordinance or Law, Incidental Farm Liability, Additional Contents and Extended Theft for Off-Premises Personal Property. You may even add coverage for things such as Earthquake damage or Flood damage.


The size of the home has a lot to do with the price of the insurance, but other factors that influence the cost are age of the home, exterior wall covering, roof type, limits of liability carried, limits of Guest Medical carried, Deductible, Protective Devices, and Remodeled/Updated parts of the building. There are discounts if you have Multiple Policies with the same company, as well as non-smoker discounts.


Insurance companies always look to see if you have Trampolines in fenced areas, Swimming Pools or other Water Hazards, Woodstoves, or Animals.


Some companies underwrite these extra risks with additional fees or refuse to take them, but there is a way to insure almost any risk.

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and many more...

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